Where To Find Matures Online

Geplaatst op 07-03-2023

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Let’s say you live in the UK and are looking to date matures... You may be 40-50+ yourself or just into cougars/pumas.

Where should you start looking?

Facebook’s obviously not set up to be able to find people you don’t know yet because it requires you to search via a name.

It’s a closed society driven engine which doesn’t allow outsiders in to the circle of friends.

Forums and hang out spots such as social networks for matures could be the next move. These will allow anyone within the UK to enter and communicate with users on the site.

If your motive is purely relationship and dating orientated there are many uk dating sites that allow you to pay a small fee and access many mature profiles in your area. Once you have access to the full membership you can contact anyone you choose.

I am sure you are well aware of dating sites:

Free: plentyoffish.com okcupid.com Loveawake.com

Paid: eHarmony, Match.com, vipsingles etc

You wont find many mature singles at sites like plentyoffish.com and choosing a free dating site to find a long term relationship is questionable.

Mature dating sites such as Loveawake, or Senior People Meet cater to your age group and needs.

It’s free to sign up and browse the profiles: Once you pay you are able to contact mature singles in the UK for fun or even future marriage.

This is all done within your profile where you select which direction you want your online dating experience to go in. If your just browsing or looking for friends then choose the friends option.

You may be actively searching for serious relationships and potential marriage in which case you would choose the relationships option in your profile.

It’s easy to edit your profile once you have signed up for free: Within the editing page you can add more photos and describe yourself via the about me section...

Loveawake also allows you to add hobbies and other interests so that browsing members that like what they see can read more about what makes you tick.

Once you are a member you will also be able to chat live with other local mature singles that are online. Live private chat rooms are a great feature that allows you to quickly get to know a potential date.

Once you introduce yourself that online chat continues just like a regular conversation...

Enquire about hobbies , profession, travel or anything that is important to you. If you are allergic to pets you might want to put this in your profile under the about me section.

Loveawakeis SECURE: You might have some reservations about the privacy and validity of online dating and this is perfectly OK... almost every other single at Loveawake thought the same thing before they signed up to.

There is always a degree of hesitation and scepticism with something new. All of your private data photos and information is kept under lock and key and you have the ability to keep some of your information private until you are ready to release it to the world.

Mature daters like yourself have somewhat less mobility and energy than the youth that go out and meet singles in bars and clubs. Loveawake allows 40+ singles to meet each other from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

You are then able to easily filter via your personal specifications. You can be a little picky here if you want... Allergic to cats you say? Only interested in singles within a few miles or your London apartment?

Only interested in men between 53-55? This can all be done easily with a few clicks of a button.

Remember though that the more filtering and specifying you do the less profiles you will be able to email and chat with. I
would recommend that you filter by gender sexual orientation, location and age and then see what comes up in your area. If there are still pages of profiles then you can start to narrow down your search for the perfect date.

Finding love when you are getting on (in age) can be tough... You are well aware of your faults and know which kind of personality you DONT get on with...
The years have taught you many things:

Love is complicated 

Breaking up is hard to do

It sucks to be alone ...

Even so you are determined to find that special someone to grow old with even if you have a few kids that are all grown up and your hair is grey.

Everything is not lost! You are only as old as your heart – by keeping active and loving boldly you can stay energetic and happy for years to come.